Abbey Garcia

Welcome back!
Thank you for being here. For now, I will be short and sweet.

The moon reminds us: Everything is just a phase.

  • You are still whole no matter what phase you are in.
  • Stay solid, but continue to move in ebbs and flows.
  • We have light and dark, and it is the contrast that is integral and provides harmony.

I will personally be listening to this advice as I transition away from Travelers Rest Yoga. While at this moment I do not know what my next venture will be, Yoga is Life and it will still be what I do. I will continue to teach with my heart, just as you have known of me.

Please stay tuned for updates, thoughts, and events.

In light, dark, peace and harmony,
- Me

Classes for Everyone


Mindful Flow

In this class, students will build core strength, flexibility, and balance while flowing through breath initiated movements. Sequential progression will be smooth and focused to encourage mindfulness.


Slow Flow

In this class, students will move through poses in a slow and gentle manner. There will be more time to make adjustments in poses to develop stability and body awareness. This practice will help students grow their strength, flexibility, and balance. It will be a beautiful harmony of movement and relaxation. Beginner friendly!


Empowering Flow

Mindful Flow meets Power Yoga. This is a powerful, uplifting class where students mindfully move from one pose to the next with breath initiated movements. In this class, you will actively stretch, strengthen and tone your body. Practicing slow deep breathing will allow you to feel relaxed and at ease even in challenging moments. Our teachers will guide you on an empowering journey leaving you feeling amazing!



In this class, all poses will be down on the floor and supported by props. Poses will be held longer to release tension and to find ease in the body. This is a gentle class that will allow you to unwind, reduce stress and improve quality of sleep at the end of your day.